3 Essential Acupressure Point For Anxiety Assault


Most of us must have experienced terrifying feelings when out or traveling from home. Where your heart starts to beat fast as if it will dislodge all the time, then you panic. This condition often occurs and is known as an anxiety attack. But, calm because there are three acupressure point for anxiety that you can handle it. Those three points will give the result whenever you rub it, and this is the easiest way to take care of anxiety attack. Of course those three points easy to touch and still in your hand reach. So, to rub it you will need no someone help.

These fast heart beat also known as the palpitation phenomenon, and in most cases, it is always rightly dangerous in its right. This condition also can be related to heart health problems causing the anxiety, this also often occurs to peoples who survived from nervousness and the anxiety assault. Then what you need to know is only how to take care of it by acupressure point for anxiety attack like that. To handle those situations can by rub every acupressure points which will described.

Acupressure Point For Anxiety

Acupressure Point For Anxiety

Where the acupressure point for anxiety?

One point of acupressure points that are important to the heart and with which will help reduce anxiety, anxiety and heart palpitations. Then, the next question is where it is? Consider the following explanation below.

  1. Acupressure point for anxiety in the middle of the breastbone

Which it is not exactly in the midst of the breastbone, but it rises about three thumbs from the lowest bone. This is the one the simplest way of reflexology for anxiety and depression. To activate this point, just press firmly using the thumb for 1 to 2 minutes and do not forget when pressed to breathe deeply, slowly and spreading.

  1. The middle of T-point

The T-point had its location between the eyebrows. This pressure points for panic attacks easy to rub too, to stimulate this simple point just close your eyes and bring both palms and put them on the dot. Use your middle finger and forefinger to gently press the point for 1 minute while taking a short breath or a quick breath in a breath therapy.

  1. In the had temple

This part of acupressure is the most often people knew and rubbed. From some acupressure points for anxiety panic attacks palpitation, the head temple is the great method ever. Besides the position which outside the body exactly in the head, make people feel relaxed to rub it.

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When you feel your heart started to beat even faster, its mean you feel something caused you anxiety. Then what should you do just did rub the acupressure point for anxiety in your body. It surely will help you to maintain and make you calm. By rub those points, you will know that you are okay and nothing to be a worry. Anxiety can attack anyone, although the most careful person, they still can attack. So, knowing those three acupressure points are worth for your daily activity.

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