Hands Inner Gate Acupressure Point For Insomnia


Are you hard to sleep almost every night? If yes, maybe you just encounter insomnia. In medical studies, insomnia known as a person who difficult to sleep. Although there are sleeping pills, taking sleeping pills every night is also not good for health. Then if we are looking for the traditional cure, here is the inner gate acupressure point which works for insomnia. These acupressure point work such as the natural sleeping pills. And this acupressure points only work if it has been massage.

From so many acupressure points, to handle the insomnia was so easy to do. It is because the inner gate acupressure point for insomnia was in hand. Insomnia comes from the influence of the mind in the brain. If the brain continues to work then automatically the nerves will work as well. Such conditions like these that cause a person have insomnia. Because, in otherwise, the sufferer will find it difficult to sleep on time.

inner gate acupressure point for insomnia

inner gate acupressure point for insomnia

Insomnia inner gate acupressure point

By taking supplements to speed up sleep it could be, but not good for our body. Therefore, it would be better to know the inner gate acupressure points for sleep which are traditional massage techniques.

  1. Inner gate acupressure point called Shenmen

This Shenmen point also called with Spirit Gate is in the bone of the cubit. Shenmen itself is an important aspect of the body. With its position on the wrist, the pressure point to sleep here able to deal with mental illnesses such as anxiety and insomnia. Not only that, but the Shenmen point can also serve to detect early on from various disease. Such as amnesia, heart disease, chest pain, overwhelming emotion, to epilepsy. Of course to deal with those disease required advanced techniques of it.

How to work Shenmen to overcome insomnia is easy. Before you go to sleep, press on the wrist at the point that feels close to the pulse. Then massage it slowly.

  1. Neiguan or called with Pericardium 6

This Neiguan point or also known as the P6 point is usually applied to overcome a headache and nausea. Because based on some research experts, at this point work simultaneously with the effect of synergizing to gastrointestinal problems. In the science of traditional massage or acupuncture, p6 acupressure point wristband is utilized by the experts to make the patient massage in calmly and relaxed. The experts also use this point to overcome the anxiety of a person, because anxiety can be a source of insomnia.

How to massage it easy. By pressing the point P6 which is about three fingers away from the wrist. Press and gently rub the spot every night before you go to sleep.

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Difficulty sleeping at night is usually a disease experienced by people who live, living and working in the major cities. The density of the town and the high demand makes the brain continue to work for thinking. Then by knowing the inner gate acupressure point for your sleep like those tips, hoping you will never have any insomnia again.

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