8 Acupressure Points For High Blood Pressure Control

Living in a big, busy city makes our life easier indeed. The context here is about how ease of fulfilling your life necessities, especially about a modern lifestyle. Even living surrounded by all the modernity, but city peoples are vulnerable due to stress and tension. Sustain that both can affect your health with high blood pressure. But it can be prevented if know the acupressure points for high blood pressure, and this will be helpful whenever feeling of stress and tension condition. Because if the high blood pressure not prevented, this will show some worse severe disease such as hypertension, even stroke symptoms.

Stress and tension usually saw with symptoms of a headache, and this can attack you anytime regardless of where you are. Then, if you don’t do the firsthand favor for yourself, maybe the problem will be getting worse and in the worst condition can cause fainting. Knowing the acupressure points for high blood pressure, of course, can be yourself a firsthand favor. Because only by a press on the acupressure points can reduce a headache as stress and tension effect. Also, the points are within your reach so that you can rub the spot by yourself without the help of others.

Acupressure Points For High Blood Pressure

8 Acupressure Points For High Blood Pressure

Acupressure points for high blood pressure control

The high blood pressure not only attack the people’s city, but this can also attack anyone. So knowing these eight points will helpful for anyone. Those points are

  1. Ears

According to some experts, massage, this part of the earlobe is the most powerful way to reduce stress and tension which can cause the high blood pressure.

  1. Scalp

Interlace your fingers until your palm covers your head. Then touch the scalp in between the skull and neck. This easiest acupressure points for high blood pressure, and most often people do.

  1. Chest

Use your three fingers and massage the axis of your chest, this method can help to calm your nerves.

  1. Stomach

There are many Reflexologists are choosing stomach to reduce the high blood pressure symptoms. They believe by regulating stomach breathing can create a sense of relief and relaxed.

  1. Forearm

Massage this forearm points exactly on the elbow by your thumb gently.

  1. Palm

The palm is the most prominent spot for your nerves and blood circulation. Press your palm gently when you were feeling stressed, and this point will reduce the tension. By often massaging this point, you just did the high blood pressure prevent therapy.

  1. Calf

Rubbing your calf can help you to reduce the stress and tension. This point has another efficacy that is increasing your concentration.

  1. Feet

The feet’s point located on the inner palm, so to massage this point you need to release your energy by your thumb. Apply the foot massage also can balance the energy circulation, lighten the mind of stress, and reduce ankle pain.

Those natural alternative methods you can do whenever you are like in your office or when you are driving. Choose one that according is easy to do and choose one that suitable to reduce your stress. Besides that, by reducing the stress and tension by massage acupressure points for high blood pressure just as you have helped yourself from the risk of high blood pressure. Then by share, all this method to your relatives means you were already helping others.

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